Hi I'm Kim and wow, where to start?! I was born and raised in a normal suburban neighborhood outside of San Francisco, Ca.  I dreamed of a country lifestyle, wide open spaces, and horses- lots of horses.  Ultimately I took the college route and found myself at a desk job as an engineer in downtown Sacramento but managed to find my way to the outskirts of town on a few acres.  

I've always loved to add little bits of western style even as I commuted to the city high rise where I work.  Once my two sons were grown (wow I'm 54 now- where'd the time go??) and I found myself with free time, I realized how much I enjoy creating and making. It really fills my soul to put something out in this world that can make the wearer feel good about how they look or simply enjoy how something feels.   

All of the products you'll find here are made by me using either my laser to cut and engrave then hand assemble or my trusted Fabricator sewing machine for the leather goods.  Either way, you can rest assured knowing that my attention to detail that lead me into engineering carries over into all of my items.

Thank you for stopping by and if you are looking for something that you don't see or would like in a different color please feel free to call or text me along with email.